Flower Studios – Milly Model (sets 01-18)

December 2nd, 2015


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  1. blueberry says:

    Who could forget that hairdo in set 04?!!! I have 22 sets, from a long-vanished NN site, where she was listed under Radiant Studios. Mystery solved – the first capture (in 2004) in waybackmachine says Flower Studios, but by March 2005 the home page was saying Radiant Studios.

  2. justaman says:

    A Little Agency, previously Flower Studios and Radiant-Studios, was a non-nude child modeling agency which operated many websites selling online subscriptions to the individual child models. It is commonly abbreviated as ALA.


    Flower Studios, run from mid-2004 by Matthew John Duhamel, 32, an Idaho weatherman and Charles Philip Granere, 26, an IT specialist. At least some of the content sold by Flower Studios were created by and purchased from other studios, such as Swiss Arts. One notable website run by Flower Studios was katiachildmodel.com. Flower Studios was shut down in a panic in early 2005 after some arrests were made regarding other child modeling studios, particularly the last nude ones.

    In February 2005, Flower Studios was renamed to Radiant-Studios, then to A Little Agency (ALA) in May of the same year. With the transition of the Flower Studios to A Little Agency, many of the photos sold by the company were re-branded with the A Little Agency logo. A Little Agency was swept up in the investigation of the Sierra (model) site with which they were loosely affiliated and Melissa model, which they owned, and taken to federal court in California. Granere plead guilty to child pornography and got 6 years. Duhamel, who had left ALA to start The VMS child webmodel agency, challenged the law on the grounds that there was no nudity and opting to go before a judge rather than a jury and was summarily declared guilty in the kangaroo court and sentenced to 7 years.

    This article shows the chain of renaming and this article says that the agency models ALA & Flower Studios & Radiant Studios one modeling agency ALA, but the names of different agencies at different times.

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