Berlin Teen Model – Jessi [Florence] Model (new sets 01-15)

January 6th, 2016


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  1. blueberry says:

    In my Jessi/Florence collection, I have a small group called “J-Flo Loves You”, which contains an index (thumbs for sets 1-24), set 2 (59 pics) and set 16 (26 pics). I can’t remember which site, or torrent, they came from.

    Your “new 2007” sets 01-13 agree with my index and my set 2. Then it gets complicated!

    Your set 14 is a mixture of my index set 14 (your pics 001-033) and my index set 15 (your pics 034-064).

    Your set 15 is a mixture of my set 16 (your pics 001-026, which are the same as mine), my index set 17 (your pics 069-080), and several unidentified sets (I can’t link your pics 027-068 & 081-098 to my index).

    Of course, I’ve no idea whether my index is correct, and whichever way you look at it, I’ve now got at least 15 new Jessi/Florence sets, so thanks very much, Admin!

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