Newstar – Cherry (sets 01-362)

June 20th, 2015


8 Responses to “Newstar – Cherry (sets 01-362)”

  1. blueberry says:

    Set 315 is missing.

  2. PHIL ASSHOMO says:

    I’ve purchased a Turbobit account just for your site. That being said, after no less than 4 attempts to download this 6+gb cherry file………I can’t, it freezes up in the EXACT same spot every time. My memory serving me correctly it’s around the 5.9gb mark.
    Would you PLEASE(!) break ‘er down into maybe 2.5 gb files, or less.
    Thank you for this site and your trouble to maintain it.

    P.S. Is it fracturing because of the missing 315 set? Just trying to help.

  3. blueberry says:

    I tried to download the file again this evening, and I’m having similar problems to PHIL ASSHOMO (great username, Phil – LOL).

    It started off very well, but after 15 minutes a “server does not support download resuming” message was reported by my download manager (FDM), and download speed started to reduce. When the file got to 89% complete, speed dropped to 50 – 80 KB/s (my max download speed is about 6800 KB/s).

    It’s still downloading now, at 70 KB/s, and has reached 90% complete, but “time to complete” is a whopping 2 hours 30 minutes. I’ll try to leave it running, but I may have to abandon it, if it conflicts with downloads I want to make from other sites.

  4. IJAMES5677 IJAMES5677 says:

    I also purchased Turbobit just for this site. I have not tried to download this file but I will. I will let you know how it comes out. If successful I will try and help you out.

  5. blueberry says:

    Well, it took 3 hours 50 minutes, with the final speed dropping to 30 KB/s, but the file downloaded in full, and unpacked without any error messages. I don’t intend to do a detailed comparison with my previous download, but the overall file sizes etc. seem the same.

  6. blueberry says:

    Good news for PHIL ASSHOMO. I tried another download 30 minutes ago. It zipped along at about 6100 KB/s, and completed in 21 minutes.

  7. IJAMES5677 IJAMES5677 says:

    I have IDM and had no problem with the download. It did take a while but completed with no problem.

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