Chemal and Gegg – Sarah Model (sets 01-224)

February 6th, 2016

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Hi, I am Sarah and I’m 13 years old. I want to become a model, so that I will be famous all over the world and I really like fashion and dressing up too.

I have an elder brother, Jake. Sometimes he takes me along on his motorbike. I really like the speed, when we fly over the highway. At my 14th birthday, maybe I get a scooter, then I can drive by myself. I have two little rabbits named Max and Mini. My favotite subject at scool is geograpy, beacause I want to travel all over the world to see all that wonderful places and countries. My favorite colour is rosè, like pink roses.

This site is for financing my modeling career. Look at the preview to see what my memberarea will show to you. In the memberarea, you will find many exclusive pictures of me. And it will be updated two times every month.

All picture in this Website has been made with full approval of the me and my parents. Every shooting was made in the presence of my parents. The content of the photographs is legal in USA and other countries and does not have any ILLEGAL materials, like nudity or sexually suggestive poses.

All pictures on this site are copyrighted by Gegg Agency, Amsterdam.

6 Responses to “Chemal and Gegg – Sarah Model (sets 01-224)”

  1. drknite says:

    Previews broken

  2. Ralph says:

    Been trying all day to download Sarah file but it does not download. Anyone else have this problem? Can’t submit support ticket because chapchta phrase never matches. Worse support system ever.

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