Chemal and Gegg – Teddy Model (sets 01-55)

March 7th, 2018

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Hi, my name is Theodora, but everybody calls me Teddy. I am 12 years old.
In my sparetime, I like rollerblading and dancing. And I really love to prepare parties or special evenings with my friens.
I live with my parents in a small house with a small garden. But my grandmother lives in a big house with a big garden, where I can play and learn with my friens. So I often visit her and spend the night there. In summer, its nearly like paradise there.
My favorite subjects in scool are gymnastics and music. My favorit color is brown, like the old apple tree in my grandmothers garden.
Teddy, 12 years old
155 cm height, 42 kg weight
blond hair, blue eyes
size (EU) 164, shoe size 38

4 Responses to “Chemal and Gegg – Teddy Model (sets 01-55)”

  1. Kydda17 says:

    is this Tasha because it looks like Teddy

  2. survivor says:

    what is the password for the rar file??

  3. survivor says:

    got it thanks

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