Fame Girls – Diana Model (sets 01-28)

June 29th, 2019

Fame Girls – Diana Model (sets 01-28)
Diana is a unique pearl of beauty. Her expressive eyes are extraordinary beautiful and her eyes reflect her mood in an impressive way. She tells emotional stories with her facial expressions and her gentle motions. As a newcomer Diana is learning very fast to model and another specialty of her is to create an intimate atmosphere in her work.
Diana is able to change her appearance suddenly from a sweet, innocent girl to a classical beauty like we know from the Golden Ages of Hollywood. Her innocence awakes tender feelings but Diana’s seductive play with her innocence is very sexual, too. Her body features are remarkable beautiful breasts and a really luscious butt, you will keep in mind for a long time. Diana loves to tease. Her fresh charm convinces old Famegirls fans and can win many new fans. She models with a glowing passion and her friendly smile turns the boys’ head.
Diana is 18 years old and she just finished school to start her further studies at university. She is a smart young woman and loves to meet her friends. Diana is an exclusive model for Famegirls.net only and cannot be found elsewhere.
(Preview image have reduced quality!)

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