Fame Girls – Isabella Model (video 01-134)

September 12th, 2019

Fame Girls – Isabella Model (video 01-134)

Fame Girls – Isabella Model (video 01-134)
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Whenever Isabella enters a room she is the eye catcher immediately. Isabella is modelling the very first time in her life and you will find her on Famegirls only! She is tall (176cm), slim and as pretty as a picture. It is not only her long brown hairs and her brown eyes, but it is also her unique teenage majesty and her blithe spirit what captures everybody’s imagination. Her smooth skin underlines her sweet innocence and lets her smart smile become an unforgettable moment of blank astonishment. She’s a perfect girl, who likes to show her beautiful naked body in stylish photography.

Isabella is a 19 year old student and she is working part-time in a cafe and you can imagine that the guys don’t come back to the cafe to enjoy coffee but to look at Isabella. Isabella’s motto of life is: Love becomes more, if you share it. She is a tender girl, who always gives a welcome kiss and her brown eyes start to shimmer like silver. Isabella moves elegantly and sexy in a natural way and because of her own happy-go-lucky behavior she wins every heart by storm. Isabella’s appearance is pretty like a nymph but under her lithe and lissom surface there is an untamed sexual desire and Isabella is ready to show the adventurous side of her personality exclusively on Famegirls.

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