Party Models (sets 01-522 (full collection))

January 7th, 2016

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7 Responses to “Party Models (sets 01-522 (full collection))”

  1. blatcai says:

    Why do I feel like most of these sets are censored, incomplete versions of the originals? I would appreciate any info on the originals and how to access them.

  2. dartred says:

    if true, from what i’ve seen. nonudemodels has more complete uncensored sets then other forum sharing sites. granted i haven’t seen this set yet. is there sets or images missing inbetween or does it just feel like there should be more or cut short?

  3. andy6915 says:

    Doubtful that these are censored, especially since Party Models itself is censored versions of other stuff. Do you guys not know this agency? They basically don’t model any girls themselves, they just buy rights to sets from other agencies and put the sets up themselves for their own profit. For example, a LOT of their sets are old LS model sets, which they they removed all the nude pics from to make it a non-nude set, then hosted it on their site in that censored format.

    So I doubt any pics have been removed, what is in these sets is very likely all that is actually in the real set from Party Models. If you think it’s censored because you see an LS set and you notice it’s incomplete… It is, but not because this website’s owner did any of the removing.

  4. blatcai says:

    This was exactly the case. Thanks for the clarification, that explains it.

  5. dartred says:

    so which agency or model that is on here, comes closest to what LS had to offer?

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