Swissarts – “Dreamgirl” Nastia Bielinkaja (sets 01-32)

May 19th, 2017

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Anastasia Bielinkaja was a child model for Swiss Arts. She was also known as Dreamgirl Nastia and Newstar Dolly I.
Anastasia Bielinkaja was born on May 21st, 1996 in Moldova. Her name was also translated as Belenikaj in some Swiss Arts documents. The name Nastia is a diminutive form of Anastasia. There is little known of Anastasia’s personal life. She started modeling for Swiss Arts between January and September 2005, which was started by Daniel Leuenberger under the Studio 13 Arts business, and was available for third-party webmasters. Her Swiss Arts agent was Liuba, and her sets were sold to the Schoolgirl-princess website. She was also assigned to the Newstar studio, with the photos taken and sold to Newstar by Swiss Arts. Her Newstar sets were sold under the model name Newstar Dolly I, and her website was

In December of 2006 it was decide that she would be given her own Swiss Arts website under the Dreamgirls series, operated by Swiss Arts. The site was online in June 2007. The sets were most photographed in Chisinau with some in other locations in Moldova. All indoor sets were taken in the Swiss Arts studio in Chisinau, Moldova.

Most Swiss Arts operated websites were defunct by 2008, but Nastia’s website and few other stayed online until 2009. It is unknown when Nastia Bielinkaja’s Dreamgirl website was shut down, but the domain name expired in June 2009. Nastia Bielinkaja’s currrent status is unknown.

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